ABS Acai Sterols EFA

This super fruit ingredient can be used as a natural replacement for synthetic materials such as petrolatum and animal-derived materials, like lanolin. ABS Acai Sterols EFA is capable of increasing moisture levels on the skin while enhancing the skin’s barrier function to protect against environmental stress responsible for extrinsic aging. As we know, many of the oils extracted from acai are beneficial skin and hair care ingredients. The combined benefits, compliments of acai’s essential fatty acid content and known antioxidant properties, make ABS Acai Sterols EFA a one-two punch, perfectly designed by nature to quench our skin while providing protection.

Efficacy Assays

  • Sensory Assessment of Formulations

    Assesses a material in a finished goods product compared to a control... Read More

  • Sensory Assessment of Formulations

    A shampoo containing ABS Acai Sterols EFA provided rich and creamy foam, and it gave a smooth, moist, and supple result, compared to a shampoo containing Lanolin which gave poor foam and made the hair feel “squeaky” while rinsing. The conditioning treatment containing ABS Acai Sterols EFA also provided a silky smooth, moist, and supple feeling, while Lanolin made the hair feel heavy. ABS Acai Sterols EFA in the hair cream and wax had good affinity, gave moisture, smoothness, gloss, and a natural styling ability. ABS Acai Sterols is ideal as a moisturizer and hydrator in hair products.

  • Hydration Potential Assay

    Quantifies of water holding capacity... Read More

  • Hydration Potential Assay

    The results indicate that ABS Acai Sterols EFA is an excellent all natural and botanical alternative to Lanolin as it is capable of holding 200% of its weight in water. Data analysis also reveals that compared to Avocado Sterols, Petrolatum, and Jojoba Oil, ABS Acai Sterols EFA exhibited superior hydration potential with respective improvements in water holding capacity of 60%, 900% and 3900%.

  • Coefficient of Permeability

    Measures a material's barrier properties on the skin... Read More

  • Coefficient of Permeability

    A higher number for the Coefficient of Permeability means that more liquid was able to seep through into the solution, and thus a lower barrier function. ABS Acai Sterols EFA has a lower Coefficient of Permeability than Dimethicone, Triethylhexanoin, Mineral Oil, and Lanolin, meaning ABS Acai Sterols EFA is better for protecting against Transepidermal Water Loss.

Product Information

Product Code
Euterpe Oleracea Sterols & Linoleic Acid & Oleic Acid & Linolenic Acid
INCI Status
Potential Applications
Anhydrous, Sensorial, Skin, Hair, Decorative Cosmetics
Suggested Use Levels
0.5 - 5.0%
Oil Soluble
Enhances Barrier Function, Reduces TEWL, Moisturizing, Aesthetic Modifier
Preservation System
Preservative Free

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