Active.Lite® Hair

Hair bleaching or dyeing leaves hair stripped, dry, and cracked; giving a “burnt” appearance. As the saying goes “appearances are everything”, that is true for hair as well, “burnt” hair is weak and significantly prone to breakage. In science this property is referred to as Tensile, or ultimate strength which can be defined as the total stress a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking. Guarding or even improving your hair’s tensile strength has direct implications to its overall look and feel. Active.Lite® Hair was designed for this purpose with the additional benefit of providing the everyday moisturizing and nourishing care necessary for healthy, vibrant hair!

Active.Lite® Hair has won the 2017 Asia Pacific Beauty Industry Award for Best Hair Care Ingredient!

Efficacy Assays

  • Hair Swatch Study

    This study was conducted by salon professionals using virgin hair swatches. The ... Read More

  • Hair Swatch Study

    The swatch study conducted demonstrates a clear difference in hair that
    has been treated, protected, and sealed using Active.Lite® Hair for Color.
    When added to a hair color conditioner, Active.Lite® Hair enhances the
    color deposit while also providing a silky soft feel.

  • Salon Half Head Study

    The purpose of this study was to confirm whether Active.Lite® Hair i... Read More

  • Salon Half Head Study

    The results of the assessment indicate that when incorporated into a shampoo, 2.0% Active.Lite® Hair did show improvement in wet combability. However, when used in a conditioner Active.Lite® Hair is capable of improving smoothing, wet and dry combability, anti-frizz, overall feel, shine and hydration more than the control conditioner.

  • HIROX 3D Imaging

    This method was used in order to visually see thermal damage induced by a bleach... Read More

  • HIROX 3D Imaging

    Active.Lite® Hair treated fibers are more comparable to the untreated virgin fiber, showcasing its ability to protect the hair from harsh chemical process and reduce overall damage to the fiber. Whereas the bleached swatches, both 30V and 40V fluoresce brightly to signify the extent of damage.

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

    Standard Electron Microscopy (SEM) imaging shows high resolution images of the h... Read More

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

    Standard Electron Microscopy (SEM) imaging shows high resolution images of the hair cuticles on each hair swatch. When the untreated images are compared to both the Active.Lite® Hair treated swatches, a significant decrease in damage of the cuticle is exhibited. The Active.Lite® Hair treated swatches display a smooth cuticle protected by the matrix style scaffolding for the promotion of healthy cuticles, added protection, and visibly healthier hair.

  • Tensile Strength Data

    Tenacity is the customary measure of strength of a fiber usually defined as the ... Read More

  • Tensile Strength Data

    Tenacity is the customary measure of strength of a fiber usually defined as the ultimate (breaking) force of the fiber (in gram-force units) divided by the denier. The results above indicate that hair treated with bleach + Active.Lite® Hair elicited results similar to that of untreated hair with less than one point difference after treatment. Elongation at break, also known as fracture strain, is the ratio between changed length and initial length after breakage of the test specimen expressing the capability of a material to resist changes of shape without crack formation, how much a hair fiber will stretch before it breaks. Both the results for 40V and 30V treated hair with Active.Lite® Hair exhibited and improved elongation at break compared to bleached hair alone.

Product Information

Product Code
Polyquaternium-80 & Water & Hydrolyzed Pea Protein & Selaginella Lepidophylla Extract
INCI Status
Potential Applications
Hair Protection, Nourishing, Support
Suggested Use Levels
See Formulation Guidelines
Water Soluble
Protects Hair, Provides Moisturization, Strengthens Hair, Great for All Hair Types
Preservation System
Preservative Free

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