SilDerm® Formulating Base

SilDerm ® Formulating Base is compatible with anhydrous ingredients such as oils and waxes. It can even help reduce the heavy, greasy feel that these ingredients often create in a finished product, while enhancing lubricity.SilDerm ® Formulating Base is an excellent base useful for designing a variety of decorative and functional formulations, including primers and liquid foundations. As an absorption base, formulators can easily transform. SilDerm ® Formulating Base into a luxurious cream or lotion simply by adding water and actives. Unlike other ingredients, such as waxes and lipids,.SilDerm ® Formulating Base does not exhibit temperature sensitive changes in viscosity. This low odor formulation is perfect for fragrance-free applications as well.

Efficacy Assays

  • Feel the Difference

    The SilDerm product line is based on tactility, the products are as described.... Read More

  • Feel the Difference

    The SilDerm product line is based on tactility, the products are as described.

Product Information

Product Code
Cyclopentasiloxane & Dimethicone & Cyclohexasiloxane & Isohexadecane & Ammonium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate & Tocopherol Acetate & Polysorbate 20 & Polysorbate 80
INCI Status
Potential Applications
Skin, Hair, Decorative Cosmetics, Formulating
Suggested Use Levels
3.00 - 30.0%
Water Dispersible
Low Emulsifier Systems, Pigment Spacer
Preservation System
Preservative Free

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