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Our in-house Innovation Team is dedicated to creating finished brand concepts, cosmetic formulations, and bespoke ingredients. They can also connect our customers with the right manufacturing partners to meet their needs. They work closely with our Global Marketing Team, our Application Chemists, and our R&D Scientists to offer the latest technologies for dynamic development. Our Application Chemists are also available to provide formulation support and troubleshooting.


A mission for the future.

We commit to continue to incorporate sustainability considerations into all our business practices. With manufacturing sites in the USA, Italy, and Taiwan, we are able to supply products locally, recognizing the needs of these regional markets while reducing our carbon footprint. We are not a multinational that also produces petrochemicals or palm oil derivatives, but a specialist in natural actives and biotechnologies. Traceability and transparency are key for beauty brands to build trust and validate authenticity. Our latest endeavor is captured in our Product Passport, a roadmap that documents where our botanicals are sourced and their journey from field to formulation.

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The beauty of customization.

Agile innovation is the catalyst that helps beauty brands get an edge over the competition. As a small company, we are responsive, meaning we can develop ingredients and bespoke solutions to match your exact specification. Looking for brand differentiation? We can work with you to create unique and exclusive actives. Our sister company, Active Micro Technologies, offers a portfolio of COSMOS-approved multifunctional actives with antimicrobial properties, allowing you to develop “preservative-free” finished formulas. We also use these antimicrobials in our raw materials, making them 100% natural.

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Quality and quantity you need.

Starting out can be difficult. Capital can be quickly tied up in excess inventory, which may not be used or even needed. To help, we offer small MOQs, generally starting from 5 kg. We even go a step further, with our partner the Formulator Sample Shop, who offers all of our actives (and other raw materials) for direct sale online. Purchase the exact amount you need, starting from ~50g. The Formulator Sample Shop Team also provides online trainings, trend presentations, special offers and more!

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As a family-owned company, we know what it means to start small and dream big.