BiEau® Actif Red Algae

BiEau® Actif Red Algae is the sustainably sourced cellular water complex of red algae, Haematococcus pluvialis, and fermented yeast, Phaffia rhodozyma, designed to encourage an isotonic environment while reducing inflammation to combat problem skin and aging induced by inflammation. Phaffia rhodozyma and Haematococcus pluvialis are known as the major prominent microorganisms able to synthesize the carotenoid astaxanthin. Carotenoids are pigments responsible for bright red, yellow and orange hues in many plants and play an important role in plant health. Astaxanthin, specifically, is known to improve skin health and reduce inflammation. BiEau® Actif Red Algae utilizes a novel approach to sustainability while capitalizing on the presence of astaxanthin, from red algae and fermented yeast, to rejuvenate the complexion with potent anti-inflammatory benefits.

Efficacy Assays

  • IL-6 ELISA Analysis

    BiEau® Actif Red Algae exhibited anti-inflammatory effects on LPS-treated fibro... Read More

  • IL-6 ELISA Analysis

    BiEau® Actif Red Algae exhibited anti-inflammatory effects on LPS-treated fibroblasts. This decrease in IL-6 production indicates a reduced inflammatory environment which could decrease the signs of aging and reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It can therefore be concluded that at normal use concentrations BiEau® Actif Red Algae enhances soothing and anti-aging properties.

Product Information

Product Code
Haematococcus Pluvialis Juice & Phaffia Rhodozyma Ferment Extract
INCI Status
Potential Applications
Suggested Use Levels
Water Soluble
Preservation System
Preservative Free

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