ABS Orange Polyphenols PBF

Flavones and flavanones both belong to a group of compounds known as flavonoids. Flavonoids are colorful antioxidants that are found in plants, and in addition to their antioxidant properties, they are also known for their abilities to strengthen capillary walls and assist in circulation. Furthermore, flavanoids are reputed to have anti-inflammatory effects. To take advantage of all of these properties, Active Concepts has created ABS Orange Polyphenols PBF from an enriched fraction of Bitter Orange petals. ABS Orange Polyphenols PBF is a lipolytic active ingredient that inhibits the activity of the enzyme phosphodiesterase and catalyzes the production of cyclic AMP (cAMP). This stimulates lipolysis, increases the levels of free fatty acids, favors the hydrolysis of triglycerides, and thereby promotes the mobilization of stored fats. In addition, the vasodilating action of ABS Orange Polyphenols PBF activates skin microcirculation; this leads to the progressive elimination of venous stasis and edema, tissues are decongested and drained, and the appearance of dimply skin is visibly relieved. ABS Orange Polyphenols PBF can thus be included in formulated slimming products to smooth, tone, and improve the aesthetic appearance of dimply skin.

Efficacy Assays

  • PDE Inhibition Study

    An in-vitro study to determine a product's capability of inhibiting PDE/ reducin... Read More

  • PDE Inhibition Study

    An in-vitro study was conducted to look at ABS Orange Polyphenols PBF and its ability to inhibit phosphodiesterase (PDE). It was found that ABS Orange Polyphenols PBF is capable of inhibiting PDE thus promoting the mobilization of stored fats to reduce the appearance of dimply skin.

  • ORAC Assay

    Measures a material's potential to protect against oxidative stress or ROS... Read More

  • ORAC Assay

    Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is a measure of a materials potential to protect against oxidative stress or reactive oxygen species (ROS). ABS Orange Polyphenols PBF demonstrated significant antioxidant activity by reducing the presence of ROS compared with Trolox®, the vitamin E analog.

Product Information

Product Code
Water & Propylene Glycol & Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter Orange) Flower Extract
INCI Status
Potential Applications
Suggested Use Levels
1.0 - 10.0%
Water Soluble
Anti-Cellulite, Slimming, Draining, Antioxidant
Preservation System
Paraben Free

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