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Product Description

Transforming Personal Care: Discover Active Concepts’ BioAuthentic Exosomes

Welcome to the future of personal care delivery systems. Active Concepts proudly presents a remarkable line of BioAuthentic Exosomes that are poised to revolutionize your skincare routine. Unlike the conventional exosomes in the market, which are predominantly derived from animal or human stem cells and primarily tailored for pharmaceutical applications, our approach is steeped in innovation.

In our quest for innovation, Active Concepts has developed delivery systems that are not only functionally equivalent to exosomes but also have a natural origin, precisely designed to cater to specific skincare benefits. The result is AC ExoTone, a product that not only promises transformative skincare but also exemplifies our commitment to our local community. AC ExoTone incorporates upcycled apple extracts sourced from our company’s home in Lincolnton, where the Lincoln County Apple Festival holds a special place in our hearts. This connection allows us to stay deeply rooted in our local community while offering you exceptional skincare solutions. With apples renowned for their soothing and cellular renewal properties for both skin and scalp, AC ExoTone leverages an exosomal delivery system to enhance the bioavailability of apple extracts. The result? Amplified harmonizing benefits that work in synergy with your skin, revitalizing your natural beauty

Product Passport

Discover our product passport – a roadmap that documents where our botanical are sourced and their journey from field to formulation. In the spirit of mindful consumption, we provide you with all the information they would need in terms of origin, traceability and regulations.

Efficacy Assays

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INCI status



Even Skin Tone
Cellular Renewal


Water Soluble




BioAuthentic Exosome
Harmonize Skin Tone
Cellular Renewal
Upcycled Apples


ISO 16128
AC ExoTone
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